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Our location is on the beautiful Apokoronas peninsular, 20 km east of Chania (Xania)

Directions: from the National Road (yellow/green) take the Kalami turnoff and head for Kalyves and Almirida

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Local beaches & restaurants nearby
Great view over sheltered Almyrida Bay
This is the lovely traditional monument overlooking the bay at Almyrida. The jetty in the middle of the picture forms a protective 'cove' of shallow warm water where children love to play and splash about looking for sealife. You can keep an eye on them from the adjacent sandy beach or even from the table of a beachside taverna...

wide angle view Almirida beach
Another view of the sheltered cove in Almyrida Bay. For us, this is the ideal place to relax while keeping an eye on our children playing in the water.

The photo was taken from our table during lunch at Omorfo Cafe. The owner often casts his fishing rod from here and yes, he does catch big fish which you can see wriggling in the sea at high tide. From beach to frying pan in 3 minutes? 

Dimitri's taverna - Almirida
Here is John enjoying lunch at Dimitri's taverna on the beach at Almyrida.

You will spend a lot of time eating when you come to Crete!

Cafe Platanaki, Gavalochori - resting outside
Another beach view of Almyrida. The water here is very shallow, and is only waist deep for about 50 metres from the shore.

Platanaki cafe - inside view
Almyrida beach as the sun is beginning to set.

musicians at work!
Almyrida Harbour is where you can take boat trips around the coast.

The boat is a high speed launch. Out of season the same vessel is used by the Greek Coastguards as a rescue ship, so it is very safe!

You will visit many amazing caves which are only accessible by boat. Some of the caves were used as hideouts by the Cretan Resistance during WW2.

Here is a famous 'hermet' cave, used as a home until recently. You will be able to visit the cave and see how the hermet lived (quite comfortablly actually).

Afterwards, you can swim from the boat and go snorkeling in the clear waters.

At night, Almyrida's restaurants come alive.

There are around a dozen restaurants to choose from, each with its distinctive menu. All home cooked.

The famous Atlantis Bar which stays open very late.

We have been known to stay out dancing until 5am.

Taxi service back to the villas if you have not hired a car, or are too tired to drive.

We are now in inland at the village of Gavalochori., which has the closest taverna to our villas. It is only 1 km door to door, and takes us exactly 12 minutes to walk.

After a hard day relaxing by the pool, it's nice to take a stroll to here at around 4pm for a drink and ice-cream.

We guarantee you will love this place. Very authentic and very relaxed.

You won't want to leave!

Food is very good, and the prices very reasonable.

Starters are around 3 - 4 euros, main courses 7 - 12 euros. Half a kilo of wine is about 4 euros. Meal for two with wine is 20 - 25 euros - approx 17 - 22 UK pounds. .




Gavalochori (pronounced GAVALOHORY)

Distance: 0.5 km (0.3 miles)

Drive time: 1 minute / Walk time 12 - 15 minutes

Gavalochori has 3 restaurants, 2 minimarkets, 3 tavernas and a fantastic 'zachariplastio' (sticky cake shop and cafe) which is open until the wee hours so is ideal for a nightcap (and choccy cake) on the walk home. Don't miss the Roman Wells just before the cemetary - well worth a visit. Also very evident are the roadsigns riddled with bullet holes - shooting them up is a National Cretan Sport, seen throughout the island.


Almyrida (pronounced ALMEREEDA)

Distance: 2 km (1.2 miles)

Drive time: 3 minutes / Walk time 20-25 minutes

Almyrida is a picturesque fishing village by the sea. Two sandy beaches extend to the east and to the west both ideal for swimming. Not far away are isolated small beaches such as Koutalas, exiting with its sea-caves. You will find plenty of restaurants, minimarkets, an internet cafe, car hire, bakery, jewellery, and, at the heart of the village the famous Sirrocco Bar with satellite TV for those who need their sport. Sirocco holds regular Quiz Nights and Karaoke, plus the occasional guitarist. Next door is Nikita's Place, with Sunday Night Discos, very popular with French windsurfers and Scandinavians.

Just outside the village, on the road to Kalives, are recently uncovered mosaics and tombs of a 5th century church. It is also here that the last battle between the Greek revolutionaries and the Turks took place in 1896.


Plaka (pronounced PLAKA)

Distance: 4 km (2.4 miles)

Drive time: 5 minutes / Walk time: don't try unless you like very steep hills!

Plaka is a village on the top of the hill 2 km on the steep hill above Almyrida with a panoramic view to Souda bay. It's NOT AN EASY WALK from the beach at Almyrida, which none of the villa owners will tell you until you get there! However, this village is very popular with English expats, who have integrated very well with the local Cretans. Plaka has a handful of restaurants all equally good, plus a couple of cafe bars (one with pool table). There is also an electrical shop and a couple of minimarkets. Always take the car.


Vamos (pronounced VAMOSS)

Distance: 5 km (3 miles)

Drive time: 7 minutes / Walk time: 45 minutes

Vamos is the busy administrative centre of the area, with Police Station, Town Hall, Post Office and Olive Producers Co-op. Also a petrol station. There are some good restaurants here.


Kalives (pronounced KALEEVEZ)

Distance: 7 km (4.4 miles)

Drive time: 10 minutes

Kalives is a good-sized seaside town in Souda Bay and you will probably drive through it on your way from the airport. Here you can find two banks (trapeza), a post office (tachidromeo), butchers, bakers and the very useful INKA supermarket on the road out to Kalami. There is even a nightclub (Club 7) and a few trendy bars. The beach is also very good. Even if you are not vegetarian, you will lenjoy an amazing Avocado Salad at the taverna 'O Potomas' in the heart of town.


Souda (pronounced SOODA)

Distance: 18 km (13 miles)

Drive time: 10 minutes

The port of Souda is one of the most important natural harbours of the Mediterranean. Today you can visit the still existing Turkish settlements, the fish harbor and the Alien's Cemetery of Vlites Souda - otherwise known as the German War Graves


Georgioupolis (pronounced YOURYOOPOLY)

Georgioupolis is a seaside town which is great for kids and the beach. On the beach there is a hotel with a huge pool which you can use - just pay 3 euros (which includes a free drink) and you can stay all day. The town square is bordered by open air restaurants, tourist shops, newsagents and coffeeshops. Also a Bank and another Police Station. There ia also the famous little white beach chapel which you may have seen on TV or in magazines articles about Crete


Chania (pronounced HANIYA)

Distance: 22 km (15 miles)

Drive time: 30 minutes

Chania is a large town about 1 hour (59km) from Rethimnon and 2 1/2 hours (137km) from Heraklion on the National Road. It is famous for its beautiful Venetian (Italian architecture) harbour, with narrow winding cobbled streets that is every shopper's paradise, with a multitude of boutiques and jewellery vendors plus several markets. Sit at one of the many fine quayside tavernas and watch the world go by before taking a boat trip where you can go snorkelling around sheltered sandy bays of unihabited islands. There is also the submerged wreck of a WW2 German Bomber to explore.


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